HI! I am Kristina Nennig.

As a graphic designer I love the variety or projects that can work on. I try use strategy through research to help focus my creativity. I work closely with web design, email campaigns, social media, print advertising, and brand identities for multiple companies. In all my work I strive to create innovative, sustainable and timeless designs through the process of ideation, research, and user testing. Within each piece I strive to reveal meanings elegantly through type, imagery, and space. 

I am constantly testing my limits to develop strong conceptual and technical skills to help advance projects. I am eager to learn from creative professionals in the industry and to further see how design can inspire others. I am very dedicated and diligent to my work. 

4 years of college education.

4 months of design study in Italy.

3 years of design experience in the field. 

“Everyone ‘looks’ at things but very few people ‘see’ effectively. Designers must be able to see. Seeing means a trained super-awareness of visual codes like shape, color, texture, pattern, and contrast. These codes make a language of vision, much as words are building blocks for verbal language.” – Gregg Berryman (Notes on Graphic Design and Visual Communication)